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Cleaning company in Ajman
Cleaning company in Ajman is a comprehensive cleaning company. Internal cleaning services for all establishments, whether (residential units - villas - companies - factories - restaurants and cafes - hospitals - commercial centers - banks). It also provides you with a sterilization service with the best materials licensed by the World Health Organization. Sterilization for all private and public facilities
(Residential units-companies-factories-hospitals-restaurants-cafes-banks-commercial units)
This is done on a regular basis (daily - weekly - monthly) or as needed at the time of request. Coordinating and developing your natural spaces and transforming them into beautiful gardens.

We can clean all types of floors, whether ceramic, marble, granite or parquet. This is done with the latest machines, equipment and the finest raw materials. Moreover, we provide cleaning services for all types of meridians and antiques. In addition, we have an external cleaning department to clean glass, marble and cladding facades, whatever the height.

Most important of all, we clean kitchen hoods for hotels and restaurants and remove fats and oils related to the inside of the hoods, chimneys and hoods. Cleaning and polishing glass, marble and cladding facades for all facilities. Such as companies, banks, buildings, towers, schools and hospitals

. As well as polishing and cleaning the interior glass, as well as cleaning and polishing the facades of high buildings. We also provide maintenance and cleaning services for air conditioners and all their requirements at the highest levels of quality.
In the hands of trained professionals.

Ajman Sofa Cleaning Company, Al Raghad Company, permanently get rid of dirt, help the housewife in cleaning home furniture, and provide many different methods for cleaning sofas, while preserving their fabrics from perishing, and also preserving their bright colors. The best ways to clean sofas, by using Natural ingredients in the process of cleaning the sofa, preserving the fabric of the sofa from cutting, taking care of the color of its fabric, and keeping away from harmful chemicals that lead to the fading of the color of its fabric.

The workers are trained and supervised by the management of a house cleaning company in Ajman. The workers are classified and trained for each service in a specialized manner. There is specialized labor in cleaning floors, cleaning works, cleaning ceilings and staircases. There is also a labor force that washes upholstery and cleans furniture

We do a complete cleaning of the kitchen, as well as cleaning walls and walls at the entrances of companies or the entrances of various bodies. A house cleaning company in Ajman cleans apartments of all kinds, whether they are owned apartments, rent apartments, duplexes or hotel apartments.
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