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3 Excellent Tips to Get Scholarship for College
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SHIPPERPLUS-TMS is designed to assist companies of all sizes in doing business with freight carriers. Customers who manage multiple carrier agreements and thousands of shipments per month use this product to automate their operations and save time.
Customer Benefits:
■ Ability to leverage or adjust shipper rates based on the shipment characteristics
■ Know the most profitable ways to ship based on the shipment and the carrier�s service offerings
■ Accommodate last minute shipment changes to maximize shipment profitability
■ Quick and easy creation of bills-of-lading, shipping and handling documentation
■ Filter carrier rates for both outbound and inbound shipments
■ Avoid paying unnecessary charges to your carriers
■ Find the most cost effective way to ship multiple shipments
■ Standardize and align shipper�s carrier agreements
■ Standardize and align service level agreements
■ Maintain carrier service levels through quick and easy reference
■ Optimize transportation network utilization
■ Help reduce transportation costs and frees up the shipper�s resources for other tasks
■ Manage multiple carrier agreements with many different shippers
■ Automate shipment processing, including import of shipment
requests, drop shipment configuration, routing and consolidation
■ Cost Accounting, Bookkeeping, and Billing
■ Provision of financial statements and consolidated accounts
■ Maintain and synchronize detailed shipment processing and accounting records
■ Register carriers to your company�s transportation network
■ Allow you to easily share your transportation network with your customers
■ Provide a common service level agreement for all carrier agreements
■ Version upgrade for easier integration with existing systems
■ Support and maintenance for the entire life of the product
■ Developed with the latest technologies and secure web services
■ Flexibility and extendibility to suit your growing needs
■ Integration with external transportation management system
■ Scalability for ease of growing
■ Maintain carrier service levels through quick and easy reference
■ Built with the existing concepts of most shippers
■ Focus on solving real problems for real shippers
■ Cost accounting, bookkeeping, and billing services
■ Standardized and aligned business processes across different industries
■ Organization
■ Flexibility and extendibility to suit your growing needs 4f8c9c8613 ammovany
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By DarrelOD

Saturday, 28 January 2016





20 February 2017 14:26


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